AdSense penalize webmasters for their own failures

Many webmasters are unhappy with Google Adsense by faults that create are own Google and not the editors.

Since the beginning of the year program has criminalized many well-known sites which at first met with Google's policies, but the publishers comment that same Adsense is obstructing business.

The problem according to the webmasters is presented by the following:
-Adsense allows you to add a border visible or invisible ad blocks. And complains that ads are confused with the content of web sites.
-Google communicates with publishers and persuades them to use the colors of the page, so that webmasters consider this tactic to confuse visitors with the content. But if Google recommends, that is done.

-The Adsense program penalizes websites that located the blocks under of the site, any image or text but do not have them positioned an icon which announces that the bloc is a "Google ad". This is considered to be a trap.
-Adsense has thousands of sites without valid content for visitors and never penalizes them, instead check and causes problems to the web sites that really make a work of content.
-Google sends emails with 72 hours to solve a supposed policy problem, threatening to disable the accounts and not pay earned by webmasters. Worst of all is that these emails indicate that you cannot respond and there are no links or telephone to be advised.
-They never advise webmasters on the changes, the editor never knows that changes be made. If the webmaster is a means of communication (very difficult to find) only receive general answers or extracts of the policies.
-There is representative of all editors, Adsense is a vertical program where the rules is imposed in one direction. There is a Guild that defends the interests of an entire community of editors.
-In blogs owned by Google, break all the rules of positioning and display of the blocks of ads Adsense prohibits web sites with own templates.
-If a web site publishes articles or news with words prohibited by the system, ads are not displayed, however in the pages of the same Google associated with international news agencies if they can use any word or news on any topic and are never blocked ads.
-When Google is a web site to generate excellent income and it becomes a top with lots of traffic site, far from contact you to advise you, give you more tools and facilities, create you obstacles looking for defects in the spirit of out of the system, it is incredible as Google Corporation play for another team.
Now Adsense is showing the legends of some ads on the right side and superior of the blocks trying to solve some shortcomings in its system that they themselves have caused, the trouble is that those affected have been the same editors.

With all this against the publishers, must we continue to rely on Google?