Is the algorithm PageRank Google's discontinued ?

Many of Google's services also need an urgent update, which is why Google prefers to buy from other internet companies.

That little search engine that started many years ago very good, because it was only text, very fast and efficient, that displaced my old Altavista, today became a Giant.

But what happened to the progress of your much-promoted PageRank? Apparently it has not evolved in the same way, so much money and have failed to optimize it.

In summary, Google PageRank or PR is simply a numerical value that represents the importance that a web page has on the Internet, this value is achieved through the links made by other web pages to your site. (It is a summary of the great roll of its operation)

The PR has turned out that it has not evolved as the user would like, many cunning webmasters position their website in the first Google search results and when we do a search as simple as your elementary child's homework the first results we get are companies advertising your products / services and not to mention scams that abound online.

What happened to the content quality? What happened to Google that invented an algorithm to benefit user searches? He simply turned to advertising money and grew as a great company forgetting its roots.

He forgot his past so much that he cannot produce his own project now, he bought YouTube because GoogleVideos did not compete for him. Buy technology from other web projects because although it is true that you see a future in them, Google itself has not developed it.

Google must have realized its own weakness that now has a Laboratory as they call it for their own projects. But what about its essence?

The weakness of the PageRank has reached that Google now penalizes high PR sites that sell links, or the case of the page of a well-known German company that was penalized for inappropriate web positioning practices. Acting like Goliath is giving Google a bad reputation.

Many webmasters find it beneficial to work with Adsense, but they feel they are victims of repression, as they are guided by rules imposed by the greatest search engine in history.

Now we ask ourselves, who is doing their job wrong? Webmasters or Google PageRank?

While it is true that there are many bad webmasters, there are also many more than if they are good, who understand that giving quality content to users is more important than filling their web pages with words that position them in search engines.

What is failing in the PageRank? As my grandmother would say ... she needs to be more human, it is incredible that the heart of the search engine does not have the largest research and development budget.

Is there competition at this time? Unfortunately, the closest ones such as Yahoo and MSN do not approach those that the user wants and hence the Google Monopoly is almost guaranteed.

Inevitably, users could gradually migrate to another search engine, such as a flock of pigeons, if it were more effective in searches, but at the moment Google has no competition, although personally I have seen some other search engines with very interesting features.

They say: There is no bad last one hundred years, nor body that resists it and on the internet the years are months ...

Translated: Bloqueando "Algoritmo de Page Rank ya esta descontinuado"