The day that "TV online" be competition to the Television

Making an analysis of television over the Internet, we realize that this has not taken off and the importance it has some give, And why?

 The Internet TV is just a mere curiosity and not taken with importance by the same users because: 

The few projects that call themselves TV Online, do not have a program schedule 24 hours a day. 

Simply go music videos or YouTube. 

Do not have funds (economic) sufficient to cope with the waiting time for sufficient return on their projects. 

Do not have servers and bandwidth sufficient to meet the transmission of videos online. 

It does not have the technical staff that they can schedule an ideal platform for broadcasting web (streaming). 

No cuentan con infraestructura ideal para un canal de tv del mismo tipo que un canal convencional. Do not have ideal infrastructure for a tv channel of the same type as a conventional channel. 
Y lo más importante, no tienen ni idea de que es un Canal de tv por internet. And most importantly, have no idea of who is a TV channel on the Internet. 

Broadcast television have many advantages over the Internet: 

The user to get home, turn on the television in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room. 

The Internet TV as merely sitting in front of the computer. 

When will be the TVonline competition to the Television open ? 

As technology advances, speculate that it will be in a few years, when TVs have direct access to the Internet via cable or wireless, in this type of televisions of the future users can surf the Internet, watch videos from YouTube or tune into a channel via web in high definition. 

Today we are seeing that LCD TV is the famous signal input video / audio called HDMI digital input and this is one of the steps that bring us closer to the next technology that will be televisions with Internet access and the door to the great competition, because the channels open signal in addition to competing with cable channels, now will do so with the TV on the Internet. 

However, there are already some devices with Internet, such as refrigerators, lustradoras, surveillance cameras, radios that some sintozan Internet and ever came out but not prosperous, was not used a computer monitor and connects directly to your TV. Hoy podría volver con más fuerza. I could be back with more force. 

Today some resourcefulness and a lot cables to connect your laptop or computer to your TV ordinary, while more modern artifacts are to have the highest quality will be displayed, as in the case of LCD High Definition. 

The manufacturer of Apple Ipods / Iphone and all computers MAC has taken a step forward in this matter and has long had a computer named "Apple TV" and although still not freely connect to the Internet is already an alternative option for viewing on youtube videos of your television, listen to podcasts, among others.