Will it be easy to beat to Google?

Is already written in the Bible that David beat Goliath with wave and not a motorcycle. But today if you will need to be fast and have budget to beat Google.

You that the new competitor Google is a small with the help of other Giant, David was God as ally, who is due to Google will have to Microsoft?

Microsoft (MSN) made many mistakes to beat Google and not something that accompanying is its poor image of a giant bad, but do and how can you defeat MSN to Google?

The best ally of Google all this time have been the millions of webmasters in the world who appreciate and admire this company was born like them, from below.

Then, will be a webmaster who ceases to Google, with their same tools, will no longer be a Honda, now whether it will be a motorcycle: modern and agile.

Of course, all other webmasters, be admiration for the new David, all will support and the giant will no longer be good and use their " policy programmes " to punish the ungodly, as well are business ...

This was looking for MSN your competition no longer be the good of the film and to become part of your Club: companies monopoly. Will fulfill this prediction?

No one knows, but as webmaster and a friend of much of them, i see that there is already a certain dissatisfaction in the same core people who supported Google since its inception and of a new Giant.

Will be time to see what this changing world.

Translated: My Personal Blog: "¿Será fácil vencer a Google?"