Especial Webinar! DDoS Protection: The Business Case


DDoS in Dollars and Cents - Protection solutions and ROI: hear what experts say
What's at stake when you're hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack? Better question: What's not? Today's massive cyber assaults can cripple your website, email and more. Online revenues grind to a halt. Your brand reputation is stained.
To help weigh the costs of DDoS attacks and protection solutions, attend this special webinar featuring Brian Partridge of Yankee Group.
Discover how threats are growing in size, frequency and cost
Learn why traditional solutions can't handle large-scale attacks
Compare managed protection solutions - their benefits and costs
See a managed-solution ROI case study
As new types of attacks (and attackers) emerge, DDoS strikes are a when, not an if. Take action today. Register for the webinar and find out which approach to DDoS protection works best for you—and your bottom line.
ATTEND The Business Case for Managed DDoS Protection
A Special Webinar

Tuesday, October 11th
12:30 p.m.