JW Player for Silverlight

The JW Player for Silverlight brings your WMV library to the small screen.
Built with Microsoft's Silverlight, the JW Player for Silverlight is a simple player for displaying Windows Media video, audio and (live) streams on your website. While not as widely installed nor feature rich as Flash, Silverlight is excellent for publishers who have content encoded in WMV or WMA. The player features a similar list of settings as the JW Player for Flash/HTML5, with the exception of playlist support. Version 1.1 introduced a JavaScript API.
Documentation of the player can be found at the JW Player Wiki. It also includes the roadmap, source code and bug tickets. Note that as of yet there's no XML playlist support in the Silverlight version.
If you've created a CMS module that embeds the player in existing CMS systems (or you've found one online), please submit it here.
If you want to learn more about Microsoft Silverlight, we recommend you download the Silverlight SDK. This SDK contains an extremely useful helpfile with a quickstart, some howtos and a complete reference. It's in a Windows help format, but Mac people can use Chamonix to view it.