"The bad and the ugly Google," by a webmaster

Don't be evil
Apparently all editors speak well of the policies of Google while they earn money with the and so far Google has better conditions than the other affiliated companies, yet your browser lacks much to be complete and its applications equally; However Google.com not has been able to rid of corporate treatment and nefarious service of customer service they have.

Webmasters are at the same time the search engine users and as such are those who realize the majority of errors in google, see:

- Search results are filled with garbage, this trouble and competition between the search engines who index more pages, this is a serious mistake, because they indexed pages that are nothing more than listed all content, such as the famous /tags /search and the page is generated with searches.

- Another error of Google is to give preference and index it to the scrap pages everytime we open them, closed them immediately because they don't have interesting content and however occurs at the top of the results. Here we have thousands of sites listing data from domains, fake classified ads, etc. 
- To editors they penalize them for tactics they use, for example Google weapon his dictionary to display defines: but the webmasters can not do the same. In the same way Google News compiles different sources and the public, but the web sites may not do the same. 
- Excessive zeal for items (words) they banned in Adsense cancel you the ads if you have posted (published) an article or news that your automatic system has been detected. This does not happen with large and millionaires agreements with news agencies who can publish notes with themes of violence, taboos, etc. 
- In Google Apps you can not add your ads in emails. Being your the owner of the domain. Just put your advertising. 
- Earnings on Adsense, in practice it is not true that webmasters win 68%, it is simple discounted us clicks and impressions to create your eCPM, effective way of telling what suits them on his side, is as well as cancel prints that they are not impressions and the pages where not shown advertising that there are issues that do not likeMoreover they say that people not watched the announcement or code (block) is very down, even if it is visibly very above. 
- Adwords thinks first in Google Inc, then at the advertiser, then click the user in its own network of sites like gmail, youtube to receive advertising and competing with publishers, again think Google for squeezing every dollar in its favour and the last, only the latter are the publishers.
- Also in adsense you can block, nullify or penalize to communicate directly with you and see case by case basis, (illogical then that supposedly you have considered entering the program). In this scenario all they do is send an automatic email giving you 72-hour deadline to fix something for you is not a serious case or is a misunderstanding, then you delete 1000 pages just in case, or even contact you again, even there with whom contact. 
- Google benefits from the information obtained from cookies in web pages with adsense ads and not pay you the webmasters for such information. 
- The most serious of its service is customer service, you will have noticed to send an email of complaint or service is more difficult than writing to Obama and when you respond, you say: "in google's policies is the answer to your question," Wow, they spend millions in customer service and are not efficient. 
- Has become a very large company that Google Corporation is the enemy of Google.com 
-Have very good programs to support the webmasters, but its automated system is so bad that discontent increases day by day. 
- Compete with webmasters who are partners, creating web sites with services which is detrimental to much smaller than these portals. There are already many examples of this.

Apparently Google competitors not to remove market, because Google's great success was from the outset its society with the webmasters of the world who gradually increases discontent.

Imagine if Google with how good it is, is evil; as it is called Microsoft competence.


  1. The trouble with Google is that its automatic (super algorithm) does not distinguish the garbage of what if it is valuable and a real job of a webmaster.

    Google has grown so much as a company that the true details that made him big have been ignored.

    For example the search engine indexes pages searches (search) and the famous key words (tags) of blogs, forums, Classifieds, etc.

    The content is really worth is relegated by charlatanas pages that are only generated for programming. And those who use more this are the largest portals such as ASK, periodic online that up indexed searches instead of each news as such.

    While the automatic system (bots) not learn to separate the chaff from the wheat will not be that Google, as a search engine was developed.

    I believe that Google as a search engine is enjoying the leadership of his later years, whom it vecerá? you... probably another project resulting from a webmaster ordinary, perhaps are you!


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