Don't miss visits with deleted pages or address poorly written within your website

404 error
Marketing teaches that weaknesses need to know to turn them into opportunities.

One of the untapped by webmasters are Error pages or 404, which occur when when someone wrong writes an address within your web site or attempts to view a page that no longer exists (that you have deleted).

Many hosting services are not configured with the error pages, every root directory of a domain must have a page called 404.shtml.

This page 404.shtml if it comes in your root directory of the hotsting likely does not contain anything, or a simple error. There are many tactics to design pages funny, such as:

But it would not be better to take advantage of them in a more efficient manner?

Simply make a page with our main links, some interesting things and even.... the valuable AdSense or advertising system you have.

Some web sites have more than 100,000 impressions in its pages of error, with a good idea can monetize effectively.


A Council would not be complete but we say everything, so those webmasters who use php in your pages and want to pull content on their pages 404.shtml all should do is configure in the Apache handler processing.

Apache handlers

Adding handler: application/x-httpd-php into the extension .shtml you are telling the php to consider practically all files with the extension .shtml as php files which can run any kind of php and database scripts.