"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded', the worst enemy of Online advertising

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Many webmasters undertake campaigns with Google Adwords or other agencies online to promote their web sites, not however taken into account if your hosting service will give you enough bandwidth to support all visits will receive.

According to the blog of adwords of DePeru.com a page consumes on average 5 MB on each visit, considering that several pages are displayed in a single visit, and download all of these delivered from the server mentioned megs 5.

A much-publicized campaign aimed at attracting visitors to our web sites typically receive between 1000 to 10000 visits a month, if you have budget for more, much better.

Thousand visits represent 5 GB of bandwidth consumed and the ten thousand visits consume 50 GB, considering that most of the hosting services are limited to a few gigabytes of traffic per month, we could say that there is an imminent danger of being left hanging.

So long as you plan visits either by advertising or by simple growth plans projected your traffic to not look bad with your customers or audience.