Solution to the message: "Empty tag is not self-closing: IMG" in

Many bloggers share their articles with the purpose of increasing its reach on the web and it is that many blogs have content interesting, because internet is a platform where your skills are quickly disseminated is impossible to give a high or pretend to specify sites may or not re - spread your articles.

So the Blogger network ( & is a very useful tool and is called:. "Site Feed"

which allows it to provide your RSS in its entirety, but there just not the case, the good thing about this is that we can put one or more HTML tags at the end of each post so that pages that spread not her be so easy.

The option is called: "Entries Feed footer"

However, several has happened when they try to put an image to get the following error:

Empty tag is not self-closing: IMG

The which is solved by placing a double slash at the end, example:
Your original code: < img src=" "/ >
The solution: < img src=" "/ / >
With this simple toolbar, we can display our image after each post.

Additional Tip: it would be good that the image will add an ALT and a link to your website.