Users Online, free counters with Trendcounter

One of the friends of all webmasters are counters, there are many different sizes and colors.

This time we will talk about one that seems so far... (hopefully not start charging, as others already) very good users online counter.

It's called and offers some very good features that made me use it and change of other equally good.

Let's see its benefits:

- You can configure to make your information public or private.
- Have promised you can create sub users, that means that you can give a key to any client that you see your statistics without that can alter your settings.
- Shows users at the time.
- Shows all day visitors.
- Displays the page views of all day.
- Shows the Top of the first 5 countries where they come from your visits in the main panel page, then complete a list by country.
- Displays a cumulative per day, month and year.
- Sample list browsers, very important for the design team.
- Sample list of operating systems equally important to hone our templates.
- Shows the addresses that are entering visitors minute (feed)
- Thousands of combinations in colors.
- Works with JavaScript.
- You can set up as a regular button or side button.
- It has graphics for hours.
- Is still free!

I hope serve them.