What would you do to improve Bing if you were the owner?

My plans for Bing
Definitely for those who are part of the project a blogger like me do the ideas in this article, external, and without participation in the search engine will try to give my point of view.

I have found that Bing has great potential, but does not have an acceptable market share so that it can compete in good condition with other search engines, however... What if I were the owner of Bing would...?

Firstly it would no longer fight for first place, and focus my efforts on having new partnerships and strengthening them with some acquisitions. here my plan:


- Buy wordpress to promote blogs and my brand.
- Buy a platform for videos like metacafe, dailymotion or vimeo for own videos which competes with the largest have a platform.
- Buy Addthis, TrendCounter and Twitterfeed; What are tools commonly used by webmasters around the world.


- Strengthen the Alliance with webmasters around the world have more than one hundred thousand unique visitors per month, creating an improved advertising system that pays more than any other in elmundo.
- Offer APIs free upgraded to enable webmasters to create, optimize their web sites.
- Hire web leaders in each country/region to be the managers of Bing.


- Bing will become a Portal for searches, much more than a browser.
- Internationalizing Bing, create regional domains in all countries and segmented content.
- Create the Bing for Linux browser.
- Create applications like pluging, gadgets, modules and any implementation in all browsers and programs (scripts) of logs, making installation quick and easy.
- Create applications for mobile apps for Android and iOS.
(any operating system, all browser and everything mobile must have the presence of Bing)
- Internet Explorer will be called Bing.
- Strongly to support Mozilla and integrate my browser to yours and vice versa.
- Of successful cases of webmasters use the Bing APIs, you hire them so they go into the world to promote the applications.
- To promote IP PBX and telephony.
- Would give all my employees intended to be promoters of Bing, both inside and outside the Office.
- Create Bing Documents in replacement of Skydrive.
- Creating web applications to help webmasters.

And above all, humility and away from the image of Microsoft. With all this, it is certain that the market share will rise considerably.

Original Source: Espacio Bing