Wordpress or Blogger, which use?

Blogger vs WordPress
I have been using blogs for some years and I have created blogs on both platforms and each of these definitely has its advantages and disadvantages.

The good thing about Wordpress is that it has lots of templates and plugins, but it is a little difficult to put Google Adsense ads.

On the other hand Blogger to be owned by Google your best tool is the place the Adsense ads.

We must distinguish the wordpress hosted service and the service to download and install on your own hosting/server, the latter has many more facilities for personalization.

The bad blogger is that it is not a multiblog, but if you allow multiple users that can feed a single blog, another deficiency is that does not provide the software to install it on our servers, but this disadvantage is again a great advantage because Google assumes the entire cost of hosting and security logs, which is a big job for any webmaster.

A disadvantage of Wordpress is that the free service is very limited (when it is hosted under your domain) and move to a better service has a cost extra, but Blogger is free.

No doubt both platforms are very good, but I'll stick with Blogger.