Paranoid mode in your Hosting

For more advanced webmasters who manage an own hosting and up an already dedicated server will have heard or read this term by some places and is not a technical state in jest.

Hackers, even more so a crackers are usually seize servers private for their mischievous in the case of the first purposes and for criminal acts for the latter.

Crackers normally seize hosting spaces and servers to send spam or add malicious code in web pages that infect visitors and therefore seize the computers of users.

Paranoid is a closed configuration that does not allow any changes in configurations and use many web sites to avoid attacks and/or unknown infiltrations.

All private hosting is necessary to take into account the following:
- Do not open the folders with 777 permissions.
- If it is absolutely necessary to open folders, try to add a .htaccess file so that if someone upload a .php file to run.
- Preferably use the FTP to upload files.
- Do not install programs (scripts) that you do not know, even more downloaded unknown pages.
- Change the ftp port, and the ssh for remote connections.
- Disables the public ftp.
- Runs the system antivirus that has the hosting server.
- Use passwords with letters in uppercase and lowercase letters that include numbers, never dates or words related to your person.
- Lee constantly articles and security manuals to see what's new in the attacks and how to avoid them.
- Recalls that the schedules of the blogs, forums and any other use open folders to upload images or to its cache (tmp) so it is good to rename these folders.
- Closes or disables your internal mail system uses an external such as Google Apps or Windows Live service, both are configured from the DNS and your security will increase considerably.
The risks of not giving importance to security is that search engines like Google and Bing, will get a very big announcement next to your website indicating that it has viruses and is not a page safe, in the same way browsers and anti-virus will block your page by what your visitors will fall to the ground and the worst of all your frequent visitors will lose confidence in the web site.