The bad and the ugly of Bing by a webmaster

The first thing that comes to mind about Bing is that it belongs to Microsoft and that is already a bad starting point for any user who knows the market something of internet and software.

Let's start with the main evil of things:

Microsoft is a company that we liked much in the beginning, almost all users of a computer started to discovering computer since the D.O.S and all later versions of Windows. With this operating system is that we discover internet are fond memories.

The trouble is that the kind Microsoft became MonopĆ³lica, after leaving use and hack their software in geometric shape and to be already sure of its power, reinforced by the BSA (Business Software Alliance) to pursue and even behind bars carried all that computer user who uses the software. All this and excessive prices for your operating system and software in the world has given him a bad reputation.

Bing loads behind the fame of his father and is something which can not escape so easily.

According to many scholars, critics and fans, Bing is a good search engine, but only in the US or better said in its version in the English language, search results are fast and prices as competition, but in its few years of work has forgot what made great Microsoft and is its image and its unconditional support to using its platform.

Bing as a search engine does not have a bigger market share while not addressed to a sector that is essential for its growth (the webmaster) and more important than its multi-million dollar partnerships which it has done and that little has served him so far.
-Bing does not easy, so far, use the search boxes on any web site.
-Its widgets, pluging and/or modules for all blogs, forums and any website are limited and worse are still provided by aficionados than by themselves.
-Bing does not have an advertising system to share with webmasters advertising, essential in the competition.
-The power of bing search does not occur in other languages such as ours.
-Bing news is inefficient and does not contain all media as competition. (in Spanish)-Bing maps worldwide is a failure, there is the amount of detail that has competition.
-Any way to communicate with the team of development and/or support of Bing is inubicable, worse than the competition.
-The marketing myopia makes them lose market to not be present in linux and other operating systems with your own search and even applications. Likewise lose more market not be present on mobile devices with Android and iOS.-Its mistakes of marketing and bad focused advertising campaigns is passing them the invoice, your little penetration in the market for search engines.

In this world to succeed, companies have to be smarter yesterday, have lunch with your competition, support your partners to and listen to your users. It would be good to read the post: what would you do if you were the owner of Bing? which States that only a webmaster at the head of bing could defeat the competition.