Proposal for Payment per Thousand (PPT)

Little webmasters and big publishers online need a pay by the use of your data.

The Searchers use free the data of the web sites, but will be a better practice to pay to the publishers in the world.

The Proposal:

- Payment per Thousand (PPT) or
- Cost per Thousand (CPT).

How works?

The bot search's visit a web site, record the data y pay by each 1000 pages that save.

PPT = $0,10   or  CPT=$0.10
(This pay may be yearly.)


- One pay aditional by impression to month  ($0.01)
- One pay aditional by click to month   ($0.05)

Pay algorithm:   impressions + clicks


A web site with 1M of pages.

1º Year pay : $100
2º Month pay: impressions + clicks


The searchs (bots) visits the web sites and use wideband and hardware resources.