Should Google pay to work?

Around this time Google has done good business with internet searches, but the meaning of searches?

Google has servers that scan all web sites in the world, this work he creates a work extra servers of web sites scanned, that means that it is spent more resources hardware, software and bandwidth (traffic) that Google access to our information.

Scanning web sites in the world makes google to store information generated by the editors by what Google to the store and order this information is making use of data while it is free on their servers, google uses it for a commercial purpose.

When there is a commercial purpose in any industry, companies must pay a fee and of course this payment must be to websites in the world.

Then since google uses third party content to create search results and benefits from advertising, it should pay to each web site by indexing their content and use it in the results.

All web sites searched, stored on their servers and found should earn income for their work from Google. While it would not be a great figure for the very young could become extra income for consolidated website. In this way the problem of Google with the major newspapers of the world would solve immediately.

Other search engines

All the major search engines using this search technology, storage and generate advertising like big, yahoo etc should pay this fee to web sites.

Else and different would be web directories, where the same representatives of web pages are who record their data in exchange for exposure.

Advertising is not beyond payment

Google and many companies affiliate web take advantage of affiliate web sites to use cookies with which learn the surfer as his way to navigate, find information, and this can ideally segmented advertising. Bad practice is that neither Google, nor other companies pay the owners of the web sites in the world by the data obtained from their pages.


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