Thousands of pages indexed in Google will not make you earn more money

Some webmasters think that if they generate pages and pages with php or asp programming as your server, you pages indexed in Google, they will earn more money with Adsense.

This is false, we have tested a new site, this has just over 8000 pages indexed in google, is determined as follows, placing in the search:

with this Google gives results like this:
Results 1 - 10 of about 8.540 of (0.13 seconds)

In the Adsense account we see that the prints are more than 1000, but the profits do not exceed $ 10. monthly ......

So fill your website pages do not necessarily improvement more money with Adsense.

While it is true that more pages indexed in Google provided and have more possibilities of people in and click on your ads .. It is also true that the same information can be found on other pages which are already used to.

And to do? It is logical ...... deliver quality content, content that others have not mastered the subject ... if chewing gum (just an example) he speaks of it, gives tips, talk about the best chewing gum brands and flavors.

Internet is also the largest source of entertainment out there and people look for related topics and interests, and incredibly differentiated content delivery with fewer than 500 pages indexed in Google can do about $ 150 a month .... Working !