Truths about Blogs

It is undeniable that Bloggers have occupied an empty space in the media, blogs are used by people like us to express ourselves in any topic and its misuse is responsible for bad practices such as defamation or business advertising scams. Here are some truths, even if it hurts some and others will fill us with pride to be a "Blogger".

TRUTH: The bloggers or bloggers is one person who subscribes to a free or pay to have a blog, which is just a website with the ability of its owner can upload their articles (post) in the same way that you would when sending an email.

LIE: It is false that require high skills and time to open a blog. Simply having email to subscribe.

TRUTH: Blogs are a good distribution system, thanks to RSS, XMLRPC, directories and blogs with many links good software and make your backlink indexed in Google is very good, so to make our queries in search engines we will see many blogs on the results pages.

LIE: Big Hits, every blog has a set of statistics, but these reports do not mean exactly that visits the public read the articles of blogs, many times people find the blog in your searches on Google (or other) and enters page looking for information, seeing that's not what you want, leave the page.

TRUTH: In countries where freedom of expression is not allowed bloggers are considered almost as heroes for their noble task of providing what is happening in their country. Bloggers have information not normally released in the traditional media, so they are an alternative source of information.

LIE: All blogs are good: many blogs are advertising, some companies other bad people who are engaged in offering home business scam with high earnings, other blogs are used to defame those who do not like me.

LIE: Everyone read them, but does publish a blog that anyone can read it, how hard is that to read all the millions of users worldwide, a blog needs positioning strategies, something like a marketing campaign , having a blog does not guarantee that you will read throughout the country.

TRUTH: Making money, if it is true that you can make money with a blog, but for this to achieve the log has to be well known, read and found on search engines.