Startup School Week 6 Recap – Tim Brady on Culture and Dalton Caldwell on Pivoting

We’ve cut down the sixth week of lectures to be even shorter and combined them into one podcast.

First a lecture from Tim Brady. Tim’s a partner at YC. His lecture covers the importance of building a good culture early and shares six things that you can do now to help create a solid foundation for your startup.

Then a lecture from Dalton Caldwell. Dalton is a partner at YC and he’s also the head of admissions. His lecture covers pivoting and his advice on how founders should think about it.


00:00 – Intro

00:38 – Tim Brady on Building Culture

1:13 – Culture is behavior and the right behaviors support a good business

4:38 – Six things new startups can do now

5:00 – 1. Be proud of the problem you are solving

7:31 – 2. Create a long term vision that others will follow

9:36 – 3. List your values then model the behavior

12:34 – 4. Align your culture with your customer

14:49 – 5. Discuss the importance of diversity to your company

16:43 – 6. Put a hiring process into practice. Plan to evolve it.

18:24 – Dalton Caldwell on Pivoting

18:53 – The term “pivot”

20:20 – Why pivot?

21:33 – Good reasons to pivot

22:35 – Good reasons not to pivot

23:13 – Why people take too long to pivot

26:01 – Anecdotes

27:22 – Product market fit

28:34 – How to find a better idea

30:40 – It’s ok to not work on an idea that requires venture capital

31:34 – Venture vs. non-venture scale ideas

32:52 – When is the best time to pivot

33:48 – More pivoting thoughts

35:07 – Idea quality scores

37:11 – Brex

39:51 – Retool

41:37 – Magic

43:22 – Segment

45:16 – Dalton’s summary


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A transcript is on the way.

Via Y Combinator.