This year the use of internet has surpassed television

In 2014, the last year we have data on internet use, Australia had 12.3 million internet subscribers – more than ever before, but still considerably lower than the 35 million we had in 2009.

Our general internet usage is similar to that of Denmark and Great Britain but at a higher level. In contrast to the U.S., the U.K. and Denmark internet usage is highest among the 17-35 age group with the 21-34 year old average topping out at 9.6 GB. Internet use is high for everyone.

One in six kids in the UK in 2014 used social media – defined as the sending, receiving, reading or posting of communications on social media – to share photos, videos, blogs and other online content, according to Nielsen.

When 1,236,000 U.S. homes got Internet access last month, it overtook cable TV in the past year. I believe that we will see those 1,000,000 homes pay for the data they use.