Responding to COVID-19

In order to confront the COVID-19 crisis, we need to immediately mobilize global scientific and technical talent. We have refreshed our Request for Startups, which are concepts we believe are important in the coming decades, to reflect this newest addition: Responding to COVID-19. We want to invest in startups working on:

  • Tests / diagnostics
  • Treatments and vaccines
  • Equipment for hospitals
  • Monitoring and data infrastructure

Please apply to our next batch at We will fast-track a handful of promising COVID-19 startups through our application process and fund them immediately. More information at

Additionally, more than 20 YC bio and healthcare companies are helping with the COVID-19 crisis, whether to produce better tests, treatments and vaccines, or resources for hospitals and health systems. Many of these companies need additional talent, introductions to experts, and capital to rapidly scale up their efforts.

Today, we launched a website — a central hub — to help them reach people who can help. At, companies have outlined their work, as well as the help they need. Please get in touch with these companies if you can be a resource.

Already, a dozen investment firms have collectively pledged to invest more than $30M in companies pursuing COVID-19 programs in the coming weeks. If you are an investor and interested in participating, please reach out to the companies directly or email [email protected] We are happy to make introductions.

Via Y Combinator.